Intense Cycles- Tracer T275- Custom Build- Carbon- Intense Bikes- Demo- Stockist- Dealer- U.K

Intense Tracer T275- custom build

Well its great being an Intense Cycles dealer lately, we get to see so many cool bikes and customers.

If your thinking about getting an Intense and would like a custom build give us a shout, we can help you out with all aspects of the build.

All custom builds we provide come with free labour, so you don’t have to worry about mounting costs, bikes are built and set up to the highest standards and come with 2 free services to make sure your Intense stays in top condition.

If you would like a quote or for any further info please call 01694 781515 or click here.

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New ENVE Rims- ENVE Debuts Four New Carbon Wheels- M-Series- 50Fifty- 60Forty- 70Thirty- 90Ten- ENVE Stockist- ENVE Dealer- U.K- Demo

ENVE is pleased to announce the M Series, a game changing collection of mountain wheels featuring four rim models developed for specific rider profiles. These four models consider a rider’s propensity towards descending versus ascending and are named accordingly.

Each model in the M Series features a revolutionary design that results in a lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more predictable rim. Fundamental in the design of each new rim is a structure and shape that provides improved vertical compliance without sacrificing lateral stiffness. “As cliché as it may be to speak of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness, the advancements we have made with the M Series rim structures produce that very outcome. The performance benefits are significant in much the same way that dialing in the right tire pressure is,” stated ENVE VP of Research and Development Scott Nielson





ENVE 70Thirty Wheels

ENVE 70Thirty Wheels

ENVE 90TEN Wheels

ENVE 90TEN Wheels

ENVE M-Series Colour Options

ENVE M-Series Colour Options

Ride Tuned
Each model in the ENVE M Series is designed with a specific rider profile in mind. In the past we had classified riders into three general categories in a one size fits all XC, AM, and DH designation that worked well for some but left others wondering where they fit. The ENVE M Series features four completely new models that classify riders by the ride style that they most closely identify with. Each rim model is designated by a style ratio that represents a rider’s inclination towards descending vs. ascending. Tuning each rim to a specific application meant creating a rim that is fittingly light, stiff, and durable for its intended application. As such, each rim in our next generation M Series is lighter and stiffer than its comparable first generation predecessor. Developing laminates that cater to a specific ride application is only part of the story. Each rim is optimized to perform within a range of specific tire widths that are most prevalent for the intended application. By refining the interface between rim and tire we create more precise and predictable handling characteristics and thus a more efficient wheel system.

Impact Resistant Construction
A no compromise requirement of the M Series mountain rims was increased impact toughness. With a reputation built on durability we have worked tirelessly to up the ante in terms of rim durability and are proud to say that we have taken rim strength to the next level. The M Series features a proprietary rim shape and construction that mechanically improves durability and impact resistance across the board.

The Virtues of Vertical Compliance
The efficiencies gained by running appropriate tire pressures for a given trail condition are not insignificant. In much the same way a wheel becomes inefficient if the tire pressure doesn’t match the trail conditions, a rim that is too stiff or soft can cost precious efficiencies in rolling resistance. The new M Series features a unique rim construction that optimizes vertical compliance to match that of the tires and terrain of the intended application. By doing this, the pairing between rim and tire is optimized to foster increased traction and control through rough and variable terrain. Additionally, tuned vertical compliance produces lower rolling resistance and less rider fatigue as the wheel is working more efficiently as a system.

Beadless Tire Retention
The refinement of tubeless mountain tire technology paves the way for rim manufactures to design rims free from the handcuffs of sloppy and imprecise tire fitment. The key to a good tubeless system is a tire and rim that works harmoniously to create a seal at the tire bed of the rim. By eliminating the “hook” from the top of the rim sidewall, we are able to produce rims to more precise dimensions, allowing riders to run lower tire pressures without the risk of unpredictable air loss. Other benefits associated with our beadless rim design include greater pinch flat resistance and rim strength.

About ENVE CompositesLocated in Ogden, Utah, ENVE Composites is a manufacturer of handmade carbon fiber bicycle rims and components. ENVE is a company made up of passionate cyclists that have created a unique brand and complete product offering based on a riding lifestyle. ENVE employees have designed and innovated some of the world’s most respected products in the bicycle as well as other outdoor industries. ENVE designs and manufactures 100% of their rims in the US.

Want to make the move to ENVE? Well give us a call on 01694 781515 for a price or for any further info.

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Ibis’ New Ultra Wide Carbon Rim Wheelsets- Ibis Cycles- Carbon Wheels- Ultra Wide- Stockist- Dealer- In stock- Best Price

Looks like Ibis Cycles have been busy bringing out some cool new wheels! ”You can’t have too much traction” – Ancient mountain bike proverb.

Ibis Cycles new carbon fibre wheels

Ibis Cycles new carbon fibre wheels

Welcome to the wide world of Ibis wheels and rims, what we refer to as The New Normal and The New Wide. The 928 is a 29er rim with 28mm width that delivers enhanced tire stability and high strength at low weight. The 741 and 941 are 27.5 and 29er rims with monster 41mm widths that deliver super tire stability even with large tires at low pressure. The 741 and 928 are available as optional upgrades on the Mojo HDR 650b and Ripley 29 now, the 941 is scheduled as an option for the Ripley beginning next month. We anticipate that these wheels will be availalble in the aftermarket in June.

Wider rims are better than narrow rims. A wider rim delivers better sidewall support so you you can run lower pressures in your rubber. Lower pressures do several beneficial things, including increasing the contact patch, which results in better traction. Tires mounted on wider rims don’t burp as easily. Running lower pressures on varied terrain actually reduces rolling resistance. Wider rims are stronger and stiffer. With increased traction comes increased braking control.

In 2013 the first wide carbon fiber rims came out, called Derby Rims. Derby is our good friend and in fact Ibis liked his idea so much we funded half the original tooling expense of these rims. Having access to the Derby Rims proved invaluable in testing for our own concepts and designs. Derby’s rims are made in a different factory than ours, as we will be needing a much larger quantity than his source can provide. For now, we will only be selling complete wheels, so if you’re looking for rims only, we heartily endorse the product that Derby is selling. If you can get them that is, Derby Rims have been regularly selling out each production run.

Hookless Bead Rims are Far Stronger
Impact damage is the way most carbon rims die. The rim we’ve designed is much stronger in the area where impacts occur since it’s a solid rectangle instead of an inverted “J”. This spreads the impact out over a larger area that is also supported by more material. We tested the impact strength of several major brands of carbon fiber rims and discovered that the change to hookless bead was a major advantage in impact strength. We also optimized the layup to further increase strength. In the end, our rims are 50 to 300% stronger in impact than competing rims we measured. We don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but we do want you to know that these are well-respected and well-known manufacturers.

Stiffer and Lighter
The switch to carbon fiber as a rim material has allowed us to build a 475 gram 41 mm wide rim, which is lighter than the much smaller and weaker alloy rims it replaces. The 928 is 100g lighter and several times stronger than alloy rims of the same size.

More Predictable Steering
Without wallowing sidewalls, and with dramatic increases in rim stiffness and contact patch area, the front end of the bike feels more precise and firmly planted than it ever did before. The difference is even greater than the improvements that came from tapered steerers and through axles in recent years.

Tire Fit
We’ve carefully sized the bead area so that it’s easy to mount and dismount most tubeless tires by hand. Many tubeless tires will inflate and seat with only a floor pump.

History Repeating Itself
Mountain bike rims were not always narrow. The venerable Araya 7X, a popular rim from the ‘80s, was labeled 26×1.75″ and had an inside width of 25mm. That gives a tire to rim inner ratio of 1.78. A 2.35 tire on a modern 19mm gives a ratio of 3.14, even higher than our 3:1 outlier number mentioned above. A 2.35 tire on our 741 rim results in 1.73:1, back to the original Araya number. Read more about the history on the story tab to the right.

What to Expect
The 41 mm wide rims typically increase the tire width about 3 -5 mm at the widest part of the casing. The diameter stays about the same. The shape of the tread cap will be flatter as well. The 741 and 941 change the shape of the tire and you will want to select a tire that has a good profile on the wider rims. Generally we have found that tires that start with a rounder profile across the tread cap work the best.

Well its safe to say if Ibis make wheels like they make bikes their going to be rad! If you want a set to top of your bike give us a call on 01694 781515.

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Pivot Mach 6- SRAM XO1 build kit- Rockshox Reverb stealth- Best price online- Instock

Looking for a great deal on a 2014 Pivot Mach 6? We have 1 medium, electric blue, Pivot Mach 6 with Sram XO1 build kit in stock (addition of Rockshox Reverb Stealth) RRP £5700 OUR PRICE £4599. Grab a bargain and call 01694 781515.

Pivot Cycles Mach 6- XO1 build kit/ Reverb stealth

Pivot Cycles Mach 6- XO1 build kit/ Reverb stealth

Why the Mach 6?

The Mach 6 has been in development for over two years and the excitement brewing behind this bike is nothing short of explosive.   This has honestly been the hardest secret for us to keep quiet.  However, knowing the level of bike we’ve developed makes the unveiling of this incredible machine that much sweeter.

The Mach 6 isn’t like anything else in our line-up.  Hell, it’s not quite like anything we’ve built before!  It’s an all new machine designed from the ground up to optimize the 27.5” wheel platform and take the growing Enduro racing scene by storm. The Mach 6 is built with the singular purpose of going faster than anything else in the most aggressive terrain (both up and down).

The Mach 6 features the next generation of long travel dw-link design. With features like 6.1” (155mm) of travel, a low BB height (13.6”), longer top tubes, lower stand-over, and a slack head angle (66 degrees), built around an ultra stiff and responsive carbon chassis, the Mach 6 is a bike designed to push your capabilities and reward those willing to push the limits.   We optimized the design with internal top tube cable routing, internal dropper post routing, ISCG 05 tabs, and a look that screams of speed.  The Mach 6 absolutely rips for the aggressive trail rider.

The faster you go in technical terrain, the more confidence it provides.  The Mach 6 rewards the pro enduro rider with new found levels of speed and performance and the enthusiast, a bike that will take your riding confidence to a whole new level.

•    6.1” (155mm) travel next generation dw-link® suspension design with position-sensitive anti-squat that pedals, accelerates and handles like nothing else for aggressive trail riding conditions.

•    Pivot exclusive hollow box, high-compression internal molding technology allows for greater compaction and smoother internal walls resulting in a lighter, stronger, highly optimized frame design with the best stiffness to weight ratio in the class.

•    Pivot specific, custom tuned Fox Float or Float X CTD shock technology: Increased performance and adjustment range allows riders to quickly and easily adjust for changing course or ride conditions.

•    Internal top tube shift cable routing and down tube dropper seat post routing keeps cables clean and running smooth.

•    Rubberized leather chainstay, inner seat stay, and down tube protectors for a quiet ride and higher impact resistance.

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Road Bike SALE- 2014- 2013- FREE POSTAGE- Eddy Merckx- Scott

Looking for a great deal on a new road bike? Well look no further, here at MTB-Shropshire we are clearing the floors to make way for lots more demo and stock mountain bikes.

We have a great selction of 2013 and 2014 Scott’s and a couple of 2013 Eddy Merckx, if your intersted in a web smashing deal give us a call on 01694 781515

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Brian Lopes Joins Intense Cycles for 2014- Intense Cycles 2014- Tracer T275- Carbon- Enduro

Great news Flyin’ Brian Lopes has joined forces with Intense Cycles. Keep an eye out for him to light up the race courses at Sea Otter and other select events in 2014 aboard the all-new Intense Tracer T275 Carbon.

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Intense Hard Eddie- Intense Cycle Hard Eddie- Cutom build- Frame- Demo- Stockist- Dealer

Well as you can imagine we get to build some really nice bikes, but some times there are bikes that really stand out from the crowd!

We were approached by a customer of ours to build him a XC race bike. Hmmm what shall we build? An Intense Hard Eddie is the answer, a 20.48lb XC weapon to be precise.

Intense Cycles Hard Eddie- Custom build

Intense Cycles Hard Eddie- Custom build

Simple and functional was the name of the game, so went with a SRAM XO1 1×11 set-up, SRAM carbon wheelset, Easton carbon bars, etc… The result was stunning, a real head turning, functional, XC race weapon that would also kill it on the local trails.

Intense Cycles Hard Eddie- 20.48lb custom build

Intense Cycles Hard Eddie- 20.48lb custom build

Key Features of the Intense cycles Hard Eddie:

  • Tapered headtube
  • Press fit BB30 bottom bracket
  • Internal cable routing
  • G1 replaceable dropout system. QR 135, QR 142×12, Single Speed
  • Water Bottle Mount
  • FLK-GRD Chainstay & downtube protector
  • Carbon rigid fork (Optional)
  • Standard Colours: Naked Carbon, Naked Red

If you would like a quote on a Intense frame or custom build bike feel free to give us a call on 01694 781515.

We also have a great selection of Intense demo bikes, so you can try before you buy.

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Ibis Ripley- Ibis bikes- Stockist- Dealer- 2014- Offer- Deal- Best price online

We have a cracking one off Ibis deal on the go, to celebrate finally making our way in to spring and some sunny weather.

2014 Ibis Ripley- XO1 build kit + Rockshox Reverb

2014 Ibis Ripley- XO1 build kit + Rockshox Reverb

A 2014 Ibis Ripley, large, blue, with XO1 build kit, 140mm Fox 34′s and a Rockshox Reverb seatpost. RRP £5549.98 SPING DEAL PRICE £4499.99.

If you would like further info on the bike or to purchase please call 01694 781515.

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Intense Tracer T275- Reviews- First Ride- Demo- Carbon

Well that was a great launch for the all new Intense Cycles Tracer T275. Heres a quick round up of what all the magazine thought of it.

Vital MTB:

Don’t let the smooth lines and gorgeous finish fool you. This bike is meant to be ridden hard and fast, and it’ll keep up over any type of terrain. The purpose built do-it-all rig represents the culmination of Intense’s many years of experience, merging impeccable in-house craftsmanship and a leap into the world of high-end carbon. It’s the next evolution of an already successful ride that brings it up to the highest level of standards. From a spec sheet that mimics our dream builds to the incredibly well-balanced VPP suspension and impressive carbon construction, they’ve nailed all the major details and the minor ones, too. Well done, Intense Cycles. The Tracer T275 Carbon is a winner.

Pink Bike:

The release of the Tracer 275 Carbon came with the announcement that Intense had restructured its business model to become a comprehensive, global bike brand – one that is dedicated to maintaining its roots as a bike maker owned by and devoted to top riders. The outstanding performance and beautiful lines of the Tracer 275 C sets the stage for a bright new chapter in the storied history of Intense. The Tracer 275 C is one of the most capable and well rounded all-mountain trailbikes we have had the pleasure to review. The only disappointment it has handed us is that we will eventually have to send it home- RC


The Intense Tracer 275C is an impressive bike, utilizing carbon fiber front and rear triangles, which provide exceptional damping and stiffness. The design, geometry and VPP suspension creates a bike that loves to fly down the trail and through the air, making for a fun bike at speed. Toss it down through the chunder and it just effortlessly glides through stuff like it’s hardly there, creating a confidence inspiring experience. This bike would be a great candidate for an Enduro racer or riding the Whole Enchilada Trail; anywhere that speed and chunkiness abound. I found that during slow speeds technical maneuvers, it can be a bit of a handful, and it sometimes would choke or collapse into its rear suspension on slow speed upwards maneuvers, especially stair-steps and ledges.

The Tracer 275C feels like it has after burners on when it’s launched, and its the happiest at high speed through technical descents. The frame retails for Frame £2799, make sure to upgrade to the superb Cane Creek DBair CS, it’s well worth the incremental cost.

Enduro Mag:

It left me in a bit of a conundrum, as a racer of English Enduros, where pedaling and smooth, trail-centre type tracks are of the norm, I would tend to favour the Carbine 29 over the Tracer 650 for most tracks, but that is only as a racer wanting the podium. If I didn’t race and just did the type of other riding I do or Euro fast gnarly tracks, off-piste stuff and more up-lifts, then the Tracer wins hands down, its definitely the most fun, best looking and best handling 650 bike I’ve ever ridden, it installs so much more confidence on rougher tracks. Ideally with a lottery win a rider would have the two, but if you can afford one of these top luxury rigs, then the choice out of the two is down to what riding you’re into, but still a tough decision.

As you can see the Intense Tracer T275 is right up there when it comes to a top end rig. Want to get your hands on one? Whether it be to buy or to demo give us a call on 01694 781515.

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Intense Tracer T275 Carbon- Intense Tracer Carbon T275- Intense Tracer 275 C- In stock- Demo- Intense Cycles U.K- Frame- Custom build

Stop the press! Intense have just released the Tracer 275 carbon. We were extremly excited to hear there was going to be new carbon Intense trail bike on the scene, but the Tracer 275 carbon is something else.

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

The Intense Tracer 275 carbon is everthing and more you could want from an “enduro”/trail bike, great angles, internal cable routing, 142 x 12mm rear end, stealth dropper compatible, direct mount front mech, light weight, stiff, durable and soo much more.

We were lucky enough to have a Tracer 275 carbon to try out last week, we decided to put it to its paces around Hopton woods.

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

The Intense Tracer 275 carbon turned up with a SRAM XO1 build kit, alongside some Shimano brakes, Stans wheels, Reverb stealth and Renthal cockpit. Total weight with pedal was 27.93lbs, we were very impressed to say the least!

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon

Shop manager/handy rider Will took it for a spanking around the iconic Hopton woods. Hopton has developed from a DH back ground into a trail/enduro play ground now, so was the perfect place to test the Tracer 275 carbon.

The bike had a playful feel to it from the very start, the sort of bike you just wanted to go hard and fast on! Will started off with a full loop of the XC, where he found it to be light and agile enough to attack the climbs and carry good speed all round. The Tracer 275c really began to shine when pointing it down hill, it is well equipted with a Rockshox Monarch shock (standard) which we have to say was much better than the Fox counter part. After hitting a few large justs and tight twisty corners it was apparant Will had found a really special bike.  The Tracer 275 carbon comes alive when pushed hard, the VPP suspension platform allows for great small bump sensitivity but what feels like bottomless travel. It’s safe to say its a great all rounder with massive potential for a rider to attack pretty much what ever trail its on.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Travel: 145mm – 160mm (5 3/4″ – 6 1/4″ )
  • Frame weight (Med w/ Fox CTD): 2.5 kgs (5.6 lbs)
  • Patented VPP design (and logo – see attached guidelines)
  • ISCG 05 Mounts
  • Internal Cable Routing for Stealth Reverb
  • Monocoque Front Triangle
  • Modern Trail Geometry
  • Integrated 142X12 dropouts
  • Integrated Internal Cable Routing System

Travel/ Geometry:

  • 140 or 160mm (5.5 or 6.2 inches) of rear travel
  • 160mm (6.2 inches) of front travel
  • 66.5 degree head tube
  • 13.5 inch bottom bracket height
  • 17 inch chainstay
  • 44.5 inch wheel base

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Intense Tracer 275 carbon

Intense Tracer 275 carbon

Intense Tracer 275 carbon

Intense Tracer 275 carbon

Intense Tracer 275 carbon

Intense Tracer 275 carbon

The Intense Tracer 275 carbon is available in Nude carbon and Red/black both of which are now in stock here at Blazing Bikes. We aslo have a medium Tracer 275 carbon demo bike ready to roll. Intense Cycles is our passion down here so if you want the best service, prices and knowledge please feel free to give us a call for a quote.

Intense Tracer 275 Carbon £2799 (10% off for any orders place within 7 days of release)- call 01694 781515 for custom build pricing.

The “Blazing Bikes build”- This is a build using all the parts we think make a great custom build intense. It offers great value for money and the best thing is its an Intense bike!

  • Frame: Intense Tracer 275 carbon
  • Fork: Rockshox Pike 27.5 160mm
  • Headset: Hope
  • Bars: Renthal Fatbar lite carbon 20mm rise
  • Stem: Renthal Duo 50mm
  • Saddle: Fizik Gobi XM
  • Seat post: Rockshox Reverb stealth 125mm
  • Grips: Hope
  • Groupset: SRAM X01 1×11 (inc GXP BB92 bottom bracket)
  • Wheels: Stans Flow rims on Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs
  • Brakes: Shimano XT brake + 180mm ice-tec rotors
  • Tyres: Maxxis Highroller II

The bike comes fully built and ready to roll RRP £5975.00 “Blazing Bikes build” price £5049.00! Add full frame fork and crank protection from invisiframe for £120.

Also check out the all new Intense Cycles website, get all the latest info on warranty, frames, build and much more at

Want to book a demo on an Intense bike? Give us a call on 01694 781515. the U.K’s premier Intense Cycles demo centre.

What do the press think??

Despite the reinvented Intense brand, the Tracer T275 still feels as boutique as ever, and customers should still expect a boutique price. That said, brand image sometimes implies more about status than performance, but in this case, the Tracer absolutely rises above its Gucci pedigree and delivers on just about every facet of performance we could find.” - Alan Davis // Decline Magazine

“The true strength of this bike is in its well-rounded nature. The incredible suspension performance, dialed geometry, precisely machined aluminum bits and perfect attention to detail in the build kit make it a perfect choice for a huge cross section of aggressive trail riders.” // Mountain Bike Action Magazine

“The Tracer 275 carbon is far from an evolutionary improvement – its performance and feel are beyond anything that has sprung from the fertile minds at Intense.” – Richard Cunningham // PinkBike

“Especially with the Cane Creek DBair rear shock upgrade, the new Tracer 275C feels impressively planted on rough downhills and seems happier the harder you push it.” – James Huang // BikeRadar

“Don’t let the smooth lines and gorgeous finish on the new Intense Tracer 275 Carbon fool you. This bike is meant to be ridden hard and fast, and it’ll keep up over any type of terrain. The purpose built do-it-all rig represents the culmination of Intense’s many years of experience, merging impeccable in-house craftsmanship and a leap into the world of high-end carbon. It’s the next evolution of an already successful ride that brings it up to the highest level of standards. From a spec sheet that mimics our dream builds to the incredibly well-balanced VPP suspension and impressive carbon construction, they’ve nailed all the major details and the minor ones, too. Well done, Intense Cycles. The T275 Carbon is a winner.” – Brandon Turman // Vital MTB

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