Haibike Coming Very Soon To Blazing Bikes, Shropshire. West Midlands

We are just about to take stock of our New Haibike fleet for Hire and Demo. Give us a call on any thing Haibike related 01694 781515 and watch out for our fleet arriving soon.

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Ibis Cycles Mojo HD3- New Ibis Mojo HD- Ibis HD3- 3rd Generation Ibis HD- Ibis Cycles- Stockist- Dealer- U.K- Demo- In Stock

We are very pleased to see the release of the all new Ibis Cycles Mojo HD3 (3rd generation of the Ibis HD. We will have the Ibis HD3 in stock very soon, all colours will be available and also a well spec’d demo bike.

The all new Ibis HD3 see’s features such as internal cable routing, stealth seat post routing, new build kit options including a “werx” kit, which allows you to choose from coloured decal Ibis 741 rims. Multiple build kits are available including XX1, XO1, XTR 1×11, XT  and a “special blend” kit.

Ibis Cycles HD3Ibis Cycles HD3Ibis Cycles HD3


The new Mojo HD (HD3 for short) is the third act in the Mojo HD/Mojo HDR trailbike trilogy. Everything is new from the ground-up, notably featuring the latest and greatest refinement of the famed dw-link suspension. Geometry is fully modern: longer, lower and slacker, with 6” of plush rear wheel travel. We’ve built in versatile internal routing and updated the frame design, allowing us to put a water bottle on top of the downtube. We also achieve a drop in weight and pedaling performance on par with the Ripley, so the bike is very fast going up, and scary fast going down.


  • 650b (27.5″) wheels
  • The most advanced version of the dw-link suspension on the planet
  • 6” (150mm) of rear wheel travel
  • Weight for the frame and shock, size large, matte finish: 5.9 lbs
  • 67 degree head angle with a 150mm fork (66.6º with 160 fork)
  • Shock specs: Fox Float CTD Adjust Factory Series with Kashima Coat, 7.875″ x 2.25″, 175lb boost, med velocity, med rebound, LV can, .92in3 volume spacer,
  • Optional shock: Cane Creek DBinline
  • ISCG 05 compatible with removable adapter
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • Super versatile internal cable routing including internal dropper routing.
  • Optional polycarbonate down tube cable guard
  • Chain stay length: 16.9″
  • 12 x 142mm Maxle rear axle
  • 160mm post mount left dropout, carbon fiber
  • Tapered Head Tube and Steerer
  • Up to 2.4″ rear tire depending on brand and height of cornering knobs
  • Dual row angular contact bearings on the drive side of the lower link that have less play than standard sealed bearings. Preload adjustment is not necessary. Large 28mm x 15mm x 7mm radial bearings on the non drive side for stiffness and long wear
  • Bottom Bracket height 13.4″
  • Removable direct mount front derailleur mount for a clean 1X look

Here at Blazing Bikes we have been selling Ibis Cycles for the last 5 years and the all new HD3 is the most exciting one yet. If you are looking for further info or would like to pre-order a Ibis HD3, feel free to give us a call on 01694 781515.

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.

Khalil Gibran

Since our revolutionary Mojo Carbon came out in 2005, we’ve been “advancing toward what will be”, by building long-travel bikes that strike a balance between climbing and descending.

The third generation Mojo HD (HD3) is an extremely capable do-everything long-travel mountain bike. The goal was to build a bike that was confidence inspiring downhill, that didn’t feel sluggish everywhere else. Based on the following quote, we think we’ve succeeded:

Hundreds of kilometers on the new Mojo has shown it to be more capable on the descents than its predecessor, but without many of the drawbacks that often come with such impressive abilities. Ibis has done well by taking the phrase ‘all-around’ to the next level.

Mike Levy, Pinkbike


What’s most amazing about the HD3 is that with the help of the latest and best ever refinement of the dw-link, we’ve managed to completely decouple pedaling performance from suspension travel. That means that our 6” bike probably climbs better than a lot of 4” bikes. And due to the descending credentials of the dw-link, it probably feels like your 7” bike when you point it down hill and let go of the brakes.

Here’s what Bike had to say:

The all-new Mojo HD is capable and, most notably, quicker on the climbs than much of the competition. Ibis has simply made one of the best-balanced all-mountain bikes on the market.

Vernon Felton, Bike Magazine


While the frame looks similar to its predecessor cousins the HD and the HDR, the geometry has been refined and modernized. All top tube lengths have jumped by 20mm from the earlier HD’s. The bike is longer and lower and slacker. With the Fox 36,  you can build the bike of the beast with a 66.6º head angle. The Pike fork with 150mm of travel delivers a 67º head. The upright seat angle (73º) and short (16.9”) chainstays helps us make the bike into such a capable climber (see quotes above).


We think 6” of travel is right for most people’s riding needs, we felt it struck the best balance for a climbable enduro style bike. With a longer travel bike comes the temptation to put 180mm forks on them, thus requiring heavier frame construction and moving the bike into a different category.

Variable leverage rates and shock tunes can make a 6” bike feel it’s got much more travel, or it can be the other way around. Since our dw-link bikes tend not to get stuck in the middle of their travel and have a very linear feel to them, the available travel feels consistent, predictable and more usable.

Another advantage of sitting a bit higher in its travel is that we can lower the bottom bracket height, making for a better handling bike, while not being prone to pedal strikes.


You’ll notice that the HD3 shares its DNA with the Mojo HD, the Ripley and the Tranny. From the HD comes the iconic Mojo frame design, beautifully organic yet proven to be fiercely robust. We’ve borrowed the clevis idea from the Ripley, allowing for more clearance in the triangle, meaning you can conventionally mount a water bottle inside the triangle (and another one under the downtube on the large and XL). From the Tranny comes the latest in elegant industrial design and versatile cable routing options.

We’ve managed to keep the weight to less than 6 pounds with shock (5.9 with a large size).


With the help of the clevis, we’ve made the linkages on the HD3 lighter. There is a new bearing configuration, with both dual row angular contact bearings moving to the drive side, enhancing the  stiffness.


As with the Ripley and HDR, we start by molding a sacrificial mandrel in exactly the shape that we want the inside of the frame to be. That becomes the 3D template for the bladder that holds all the carbon preform before it’s laid into the mold. This allows the lay-up to be done in one piece, with no joints anywhere. The result is a more precise structure that eliminates the need for additional foam or filler to mold the complex shapes. What that means for you is a lighter and stronger frame, critical factors in hitting our targets for weight and stiffness.


We offer both the Float CTD and the DBinline on the bike. We think the CTD is an extremely reliable, light, capable shock that is a great choice for a lot of people. For more aggressive riding and greater tunability, there’s the excellent and robust DBinline.

The tune on the Fox is 175 boost medium compression/ medium rebound.  The low boost valve gives us better small bump sensitivity and then the medium compression tune takes over for bigger hits.

The goal with the dw-link tune on this bike is to pedal well and have even better small bump sensitivity.  The leverage rate delivers the same linear feel with a slight ramp at the end that we’ve always liked. This keeps the suspension feeling consistent and predictable, with no nasty surprises.

To setup sag, go for  14 – 18mm / 25 – 30%.


We run tapered head tubes and steerers in all of our bikes as they deliver an exceptionally rigid front-end platform. One of the new features of the HD3 not found in our bikes previously is the ZS56 lower headset. This allows for a bigger gap between the top tube and the down tube which results in a stronger front end with no weight penalty. It’s particularly effective on the small and medium.

You may use several different Cane Creek headsets or the Chris King InSet 2 headset.


There’s a lot of versatility with the cable routing. You can run full housing or interrupted housing. Interrupted housing using our available cable stops will allow you to save about 55 grams of weight over a fully run housing. Our dropper of choice is the KS LEV Integra but a dropper line can be run though the top tube if you’re not using a top pull front derailleur.


If you peek under the upper link at the back of the seat tube, you’ll see a small aluminum piece bolted on. That’s a cover plate that replaces our direct mount front derailleur adapter. If you’re running 1X you’ll use this plate, and if you want to run XTR 2X or XT 2X, there’s an extremely clean derailleur mount that bolts on.


The bottom bracket is threaded 68mm with ISCG capability. Each frame will ship with an adapter, allowing you to mount a chainguide should you desire.


Depending on brand and depth of knobs, most 650b tires up to 2.4″ will fit the Mojo HD3, and you can fit up to a 200mm diameter rear rotor.


If you ride in rocky environments we have available an optional polycarbonate guard that bolts on under the down tube, providing an extra degree of protection.


We’ve made a provision on the HD3 for a water bottle on the inside the triangle and on the large and XL one below the down tube. It’s best to use a side-loading cage if using a large bottle inside the triangle, such as this one from Arundel.

12 X 142 MAXLE

The 142mm Maxle rear through axle provides gobs of extra rear wheel stiffness in an extremely lightweight package, and compatibility across most wheelsets.

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Banshee Bikes Phantom demo bike- Banshee Phantom- 2015- Banshee Bikes- Phantom- Dealer- Stockist- Demo

Well the new Banshee Bikes Phantom is something very special indeed. A 105mm travel bike with a head angle of 67.5 degrees (in slack setting with 120m fork), that’s not some thing you here every day.

2015 Banshee Phantom demo bike

2015 Banshee Phantom demo bike

We had to get a demo built up just so everyone could appreciate how versatile a 105mm 29er bike can be. Pink bike have just given it a glowing review, check it out here.

The Phantom is difficult to classify – it’s a bike that can’t be neatly slotted into a preset category based on its geometry and amount of travel. Is it a trail bike? All-mountain? Free-trail? I don’t know, and truthfully, I’m not worried. This is a mountain bike through and through, and an extremely well rounded one at that. If you’re looking for a bike that deviates slightly from the norm, but delivers a ride experience that’s sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear, the Banshee Phantom may be the answer- Mike Kazimer

Want to try it our yourself? Give us a call on 01694 781515 and book your demo today.

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2015 Banshee Spitfire Demo Bike- Demo- Stockist- Dealer- Spitfire

We have finally got round to building our 2015 Banshee Spitfire demo bike! If you would like to book a demo please call 01694 781515 or click the link below.

2015 Banshee Spitfire medium, X1 1 x11 build kit, Pikes and Reverb stealth. We built the Spitfire to make it the most versatile trail bike out there! Using a dual position air fork it will allow you to attack the climbs, hammer the downs and everything inbetween. The KS Link suspension platform is fantastic for pedaling and unbelievable when you open the gas on a downhill.

Book your demo here.

2015 Banshee Spitfire2015 Banshee Spitfire demo bike

All of our demo bikes go out fully serviced, clean as a whistle and fully protected by invisiFRAME, all you have to worry about is having as much fun as possible. The demo includes a set up on the bike and a trail map with some trail advice. This will make sure you get the best experience from riding the bike of your choice.

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Cycle Scheme- Bike 2 Work- Police- NHS- Fire Service- Army- RAF- U.K- Provider

Here at Blazing Bikes we provide Bike 2 Work and Cycle Scheme with added incentives for the Police, NHS, Fire Service, Army, RAF and any other government organisations.

On top of the already fantastic savings you will receive by getting a bike through Bike 2 Work or Cycle Scheme, we also offer 10% of the value of the bike in FREE kit. So if you were to use the maximum £1000 allowance to buy a bike we will give you £100 of FREE kit to go with it.

This way you get the best bike you can through the scheme and also have enough allowance to get your self some kit to get going. We are the only supplier in the U.K to offer this deal.

For further information on this offer or for a quote on a bike feel free to call us on 01694 781515 or use our contact page here.

See The Video Here for Cyclescheme

Take a look at written description of how the process works here

Bike 2 Work SchemeCycle Scheme

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Banshee Bikes Paradox- Banshee Paradox- Paradox- 2015- Stockist- Demo- U.K

We have had the pleasure of building a few 2015 Banshee Paradox custom builds lately. The Paradox Mountain Bike is not your typical 29er hardtail. Unlike most of its competitors, the Paradox has Banshee’s trademark slack and low geometry.

The Paradox is great “do it all” 29er hardtail, 68 degree head angle, aluminium frame and all based around the use of a 120mm fork.

If you fancy a custom build 2015 Banshee Paradox or just a frame on it’s own, give the U.K’s largest Banshee dealer a shout on 01694 781515. We pride ourselves on our service and also on giving you the best deal possible.

Check out a few photos from our latest Paradox build:

Banshee Bikes Paradox- Custom buildBanshee Bikes Paradox- Custom buildBanshee Bikes Paradox- Custom buildBanshee Bikes Paradox- Custom build

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Banshee Bikes Phantom- Banshee Bikes- Phantom- 2015- In stock- Demo

We now have a 2015 Banshee Phantom in stock! This has to be one of the best 100mm travel full suspension 29ers out there and all for £1529.00 (Rockshox Monarch shock).

2015 Banshee Phantom2015 Banshee Phantom2015 Banshee Phantom2015 Banshee PhantomFor a limited time we are offering the 2015 Banshee Phantom with 10% off and a FREE Hope headset.

So get your hands on this large, black one with Monarch for just £1375.00. Call 01694 781515 to place your order with the U.K’s biggest Banshee dealer.

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Haibike- E-bikes- Electric bikes- Demo centre- Stockist- Dealer- U.K- Best price- Test ride- 2015- Bosch- Yamaha- Sduro- Xduro

Looking for Haibike e-bikes in the U.K? Look no further! Blazing Bikes is a stockist and premier demo centre for Haibike e-bikes.

Haibike e-bike stockist and premier demo centre

Haibike e-bike stockist and premier demo centre

E-bike’s have been slighty over looked in the U.K. Other European countries have embraced the e-bike to the fullest and have enjoyed every second of it.

Haibike is the leading brand when it comes to e-bikes. They offer both Bosch and Yamaha motors, both of which are extremly powerful and very reliable.

Here at Blazing Bike we keep around 10 different stock Haibikes in at any one time and also have 5 Bosch (Xduro) and Yamaha (Sduro) demo bikes available.

Haibike have a comprehensive range of e-bikes, including hardtail, full suspension and commuter. If you have any queries on which sort of bike suits your needs best feel free to contact us.

With e-bikes from as little as £1750 why wait. Call us today on 01694 781515 and feel the power of Haibike.

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Cyclescheme – Bike To Work – Cycle To Work – Shropshire – West Midlands – Wales – Get your next bike through us at Blazing Bikes

Are you looking to get your employer on board and get yourself a bike through the Governments cycle to work program or an employer looking to seek the benefits for your employees? The Governments Green Transport Plan gives a tax exemption that allows employers to provide cycles to employees as a tax-free benefit and here at Blazing Bikes we are your next step to getting your action plan in place. Our Cycle to work partners Cyclescheme (Uks leading) and Bike To Work carry the administration service.

Look no further than Blazing Bikes and MTB Shropshire to be able to provide you with the right bike to get you on your way. You can save up to 42% Off your next cycle. You can come and visit us here at Blazing Bikes to order and pick up, or if you know the bike you are after then order it, get the certificate signed off and sent and we will send you your bike for free.

If you would like us to come and visit your place of work with details of how Cyclesheme works and what bikes we have on offer then call us on 01694 781515 or email us at blazingbikes@gmail.com One Question that always get asked though is do you have to use the bike exclusively for work… The answer to this is NO!!

Bare in mind a £1000 limit is capped on most employers as above this businesses would need a consumer credit licence so have a little look on the cyclescheme calculator to see how much you could save. All schemes charge us a commission and thats how they make their money so we cannot use bikes that are on discount, part of any loyalty scheme, you will be getting enough of a brand new bike to make it all very much worthwhile.

So How Does It All Work? How do employees get a tax-free bike for work through Cyclescheme?

Step 1. Once an employer is partnered with Cyclescheme (employers can sign up here) all employees wishing to participate visit Blazing Bikes Store or online website to choose the bike and, if required, safety equipment.

Step 2. Employees then apply for a Cyclescheme Certificate online using a unique link to Cycleschemes secure Extranet facility. The unique link is provided to employers and distributed to all employees. The employee will usually sign an online Hire Agreement at this time.

Step 3. If the employer approves their application they will countersign the Hire Agreement and pay Cyclescheme for the full retail price of the bike and equipment.

Step 4. Cyclescheme will then post out a paper Certificate, usually to employee’s home address.

Step 5. The Certificate is then redeemed in the bike shop and exchanged for the bike package. Salary sacrifice then commences over the hire period (usually 12 months). The salary sacrifice is made prior to Income Tax and National Insurance contributions and, as a result, employees pay less of both.

Step 6. At the end of the hire period the owner of the equipment may choose to offer the employee ownership of the bike for a market value payment, or the employee may pay a small deposit allowing them to remain in possession of the bike and continue to use it.

Please note that the above procedure applies to the vast majority of schemes, but there are some variations to the above. This variation depends on how the employer’s scheme is set up, i.e., the employer may use a finance company to fund the scheme or a benefits provider.

Who can participate in the scheme?

Any size employer from any sector can partner with Cyclescheme. Eligible employees must receive salary via the PAYE system, and earnings should be more than the National Minimum Wage after salary sacrifice. Employers who pay staff close to the National Minimum Wage should contact Cyclescheme to discuss the range of attractive options available that allow lower paid employees to participate in, and benefit from the scheme.  There is no credit check for employees wishing to participate, and Under 18s can join the scheme if their guardian signs a guarantor agreement.

  • What is salary sacrifice and how do participants save?
    Salary sacrifice occurs when an employee agrees to give up part of their salary for an agreed period (in the case of the Cycle to Work scheme this is usually 12 months) in exchange for a non-cash benefit, such as the loan of a bicycle and safety equipment. As salary sacrifice is taken from the gross salary (before tax) rather than net pay it means the employee pays less income tax and National Insurance.
    Figuring out how Salary Sacrifice Arrangements work can be confusing, particularly when participants can only see the gross salary sacrifice amount on their hire agreement. So where’s the saving? Here’s a guide to how it all works.

    How do participants save?
    The key to understanding the way participants save money on a salary sacrifice arrangement is in understanding how they pay tax.
    Cycle to Work scheme participants can potentially save on 2 forms of tax; Income Tax & Employees’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs).
    Income Tax and Employees’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are expressed as a percentage and applied to participants’ gross salary amounts. The tax deductions are then made and what the participant gets in their pocket is NET salary.
    This is the clever bit; by reducing their gross salary they reduce the amount the income tax and NICs are calculated on, hence participants pay less of both.

    Sounds confusing?
    Here’s an example of how the savings work during the hire period, assuming the following:

    • Employee is paid monthly
    • Employee is a standard rate tax payer requesting a £500 Certificate
    • The hire period is 12 months
    • The Employee’s monthly gross salary is £1,200.00 (£14.400 per annum)
  • Salary before
  • scheme participation
  • Salary during
  • scheme participation
  • Monthly Gross Salary
  • £1,200.00
  • £1,200.00
  • Bike value including VAT
  • Gross salary sacrifice total
  • £500.00
  • £500.00
  • (this amount appears on the hire agreement)
  • £41.66
  • Monthly Gross Salary after salary sacrifice
  • Monthly NIC contribution (12%)
  • Monthly income tax contribution (20%)
  • Net Salary
  • £1,200.00
  • £144.00
  • £240.00
  • £816.00
  • £1,158.34
  • £139.00
  • £231.67
  • £787.67
  • £816.00 minus £787.67=
  • £28.33
  • £41.66 minus £28.33 =
  • £13.33
  • So, because the participants pay less income tax and NIC their NET salary reduction is less than the GROSS salary reduction, and this is how savings are achieved. In this example, the employee makes a £41.66 contribution to the employer, but it only costs them £28.33, resulting in a saving of £13.33 per month.
  • What are the savings for the employee and employer?
  • Typical savings for employees are between 32% for basic rate taxpayers and 42% for high rate taxpayers, but the actual amount depends on the employee’s personal tax band and the way the employer runs their scheme. If the employer uses external finance (i.e. borrows the money to buy the bikes from an outside agent) then savings will be approximately 5% lower.
  • Employers can typically save 13.8% of the total value of salary sacrifice, due to reductions in Employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs) due.

What bikes are available through the scheme?

  • We are able to provide you with differing bikes from mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, folding bikes, electric bikes.

What is the maximum value bicycle and safety equipment package employees can select through the scheme?

  • The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has issued a group consumer credit licence to cover Employers implementing Cycle to Work Schemes that are limited at £1000 inc. VAT per Certificate.
  • Employers who have their own Consumer Credit Licence Category B (consumer hire) can allow employees to request Certificates of a higher value.  Alternatively, employers wishing to increase the Cycle to Work Certificate value can apply for their own individual Consumer Credit Licence from the Office of Fair Trading.  For further details please contact our Helpdesk on info@cyclescheme.co.uk.

More Info can be found on our Cyclescheme facts page

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Patagonia Clothing Winter 2014/15 – New In – Down, Fleece, Accessories – Patagonia Dealer Shropshire, West Midlands, Wales – Men & Women’s

We are very proud to be Patagonia’s main dealer for this part of the Uk and their winter stock is in and looking great! Not only is your trust in the brands ethics of sustainable product sourcing, environmental impact limitations and animal welfare but they are world leaders in quality outdoor, adventure and climbing gear.

We have a great deal on loads of jackets, with The Patagonia Down Sweater Hoodie Jacket, The Superb Nano Puff range of gilets and jackets and the awesome New Patagonia Nano-Air jackets, an all mountain hybrid thats so breathable and warm you will be amazed.

Stylish and set apart from a lot of other outdoor clothing brands here are some of our items for this winter. Check out our website for a full look at the range now Here

Patagonia Mens Better Sweater (pic : nickel grey)

Patagonia Mens Down Sweater Hoody Jacket (pic : Andes blue)

Patagonia Mens Nano-Air Hoody Jacket (pic : Feather grey)

Patagonia Mens Nano Puff Hoody Jacket (pic : classic navy)

Patagonia Mens Nano Puff Vest ( pic : classic navy)

Patagonia Womens Down Sweater Hoody Jacket 2015 (pic : tobago blue)

Patagonia Womens Down Sweater Jacket (pic : black)

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