MTB Centre update

We look forward to our new MTB centre website being launched in the next couple of weeks then to follow will be the launch of our online shop offering some great branded products.

please sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you informed on the opening of our new centre and give you an invite to the launch day. We are also still working very hard with the National trust to get some of the best trails way marked on the Longmynd.

If any one wants to enjoy the area pre our opening please feel free to use our car park and enjoy a fine beer or great steak in our pub afterwards.

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One Response to MTB Centre update

  1. James says:

    Just found out about you guys courtesy of MBR. This is great news, as I live in Bridgnorth and having been gagging for a local mountain bike centre in Shropshire!!! Give me a shout if you need any help on staff uniforms as this is what my business supplies. Roll on the opening day. ;-)

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