Demo Electric Bikes at MTB-Shropshire and Blazing Bikes

Get out and about enjoying all the fun of the best trails and get all the energy back with the power underneath your feet and ride the open country with that youthful enthusiasm thats still in you!

A nice problem with biking is often a downhill is preceded by an uphill, its always been the tale for a biker, therefore fitness, age and physical ailments can often inhibit our wanting to get out and about. It can even put doubt in our minds that we cannot get out on trails or open riding anymore and the thought of an electric bike may often not fit the mould. But how times are changing!!

E Aspect 29

Scott are one manufacturer taking this new era of Electric Bike with both hands and using their vast knowledge of all disciplines in biking and adapting normal bikes into fully power supported transport, without adding much weight or creating large cumbersome units.

The 29″ wheel is becoming a firm favourite with a lot of trail riders and its no surprise that Scott have introduced a power pack to the E-Aspect 29. The Aspect is a fantastic trail bike on its own its adaptable as day to day cycle as well as being able to take you across the most challenging of wilderness and all power assisted.

E Aspect 29

The basic principle is that the Bosch supplied battery offers power assistance to the drive you put in when pedalling. This offers a much more steady curve of assistance to your ride and passes on this transfer into your ascent, cross country or road ride.

The drive complies with all road regulations and its compact design of the drive has the additional advantage in that it is attached to the bottom bracket gives the wheel an optimal center of gravity. The ride behavior in the SUB or the Sportster model is the same without the electric drive and is extremely agile, yet comfortable. – 3 sensors for speed (rear wheel), cadence and torque integrated in the drive – 250 watt output – Weight 4kg.

The battery is impressively easy to use. Thanks to an integrated locking system, the battery can be removed and re-attached just like any “plug & play” device and can be completely charged in its own charger in the record time of only 2.5 hours. Other features: – separate charging status display – ion-lithium battery technology – minimum range of 60 km, and up to 145 km depending on terrain, assistance level and rider input. – 36 Volt – Weight 2.3kg

High-tech on the handlebars. The small control panel permits the rider to control any integrated areas on the bike. The Assistance Level and the light function can be controlled and selected. Furthermore, the small screen displays the current battery status, the coverage in kilometers and includes the functions of a conventional bicycle computer. Assistance Levels. The driver has the option of deciding between four different modes: – EcoHigher level of autonomy. Maximum coverage – TourMedium level of autonomy. Standard Mode – SportSupported acceleration level – SpeedMaximum engine support.

Venture 30

Come and Check Out our bikes here and give them a road and trail test. We can hire the bikes to you or take you out or you can make a few hours of it and we will throw in some food for you at our pub/cafe also. Give us a call or an email to find out more. 01694 781515.

Venture 30

Venture 30

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