Continental Factory Trip!

Continental Factory Trip!

Continental Factory

Just come back for a insightful trip to Continental Tyres in Germany. Based in the small town of Korbach, Northern Germany.

When you hear people say “that’s hand made” or “this is hand made” it’s hard to believe, but after a trip to Continental you can honestly say they are “hand made”. From the mixing of the rubber, to the placing on the beads and breakers, then even the hand stitching of the tubs! Some serious effort and know how go in to every tyre.

We arrived in Frankfurt around 10:30 then proceeded on to make the trip up to Korbach. On arrival we were greeted by Christian from the R and D department and even the head of Continental himself. The factory is vast and literally is the town, with multiple floor of manufacturing, research and development and testing facilities.

Each tyre is hand made start to finish and goes through multiple sets of hands to get to the final finished product! It’s safe to say when you buy a Continental tyre, you get a product which only has years of know how behind it but also the quality you can only get from a human hand!

For a full run down on the factory and a few more words check out Pink Bike’s Continental Tyres: Inside the factory write up.

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