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Here at Blazing Bikes/ MTB Shropshire we like to keep our eyes open for cool, quality products. We are proud to announce we now stock cSixx carbon chain guides and bike protection.

cSixx 175 Chainguide

cSixx I think is one of the slickest brands on the market at the moment. Eye catching carbon chain guides, with anything from full on downhill guides to direct mount XC style guides.

cSixx XC Chainguide

Apart from looking amazing the guides are very, very strong. They are made from high tensile carbon fibre, making them very durable and super stiff.

cSixx 110gl Chainguide

Along side there top quality chain guides, they make there one off chainstay protectors.

cSixx The Chainstay Protector

The Chainstay Protector

“Using our unique construction method & materials we have developed a chainstay protector that looks as good as it works. Our chainstay protector silences your bike, while being the one of the most durable, customisable & cost effective bike protection solutions out there!”

cSixx The Chainstay Protector

With a fully customisable cSixx chainstay protector, you get a super slick look with great functionality. Keeping your bike’s chainstays chip free and running silent.

Check out cSixx’s full range on there website here. If you would like to get your hands on some cSixx components give us a call on 01694 781515. We can help you with what cSixx guide or chainstay protector best fits your bike.

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