Day on the Long Mynd- Bikes, Sunshine and lots of water!!!

Well! Had a spin on the Long Mynd today (oh and was up there last night). ┬áStarted off from the shop as usual, nipped down the ’49 and into Church Stretton. A bit of flood water on the roads and a few lorries knocking up some spray but not too bad.

Thought I would do the Batch valley climb and then work my way up to pole bank. As I went up Batch valley it was quite apparent there was a lot of water working its way down the valley. Get a bit higher up the water turned into a bit of boggy ride.

Plugging on and up the green gallops I amped the pace on the 650B stead, although moist on the grass the hill was still riding well. Passing the turn for Mott’s I thought I might aswel go to pole bank as the weather was lovely.

Arriving at top there was still a few patches of snow here and there, but apart from that and the odd puddle of water the hill look in great shape! I winged it turn face and headed back towards Mott’s (being a mid weeker, not many walkers).

Game on, not a walker in sight! Let’s go. Getting to the crest of the descent there was a bit of flowing water but thanks to the National Trust’s hand water run offs the trail was as hard packed and dry as a summers day. Grip for days and a clear run, what more could you want for a couple hours on the bike!

The Long Mynd never fails to deliver no matter what the weather. Snow, rain, sun, sleet or whatever else you can think of you will always have a fun packed ride.

Ride the Long Mynd.

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