Dig Day- Ride the Long Mynd!

This Sunday just gone we oragnised a few locals to do a bit digging! With all the recent water and snow, etc… Minton Batch was looking a little rough!

So we got the lads together, a few tools and got up on the Long Mynd bright and early to do a bit of digging. A lot of the water down there is just part and parcel of the lay of the land, but some we were able to divert off and make the trail dryer.

Long Mynd dig day!

With very little materials to hand, we patch up the entry to the “board walk” with some big rocks and diverted all the water that was pooling underneath (hopefully this will last till we get some sun).

We will try once a month to try and get on the Long Mynd and keep it running sweet. If anyone has any feed back on the trails, it will be more than welcomed. Give the guys at the shop a call on 01694 781515.

Oh and after the dig day we of course go for a ride!!!

After the dig day ride

Ride the Long Mynd….

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