Marsh Guard- Mud guard- Trail, XC, D.H, do it all?

We have recently started selling Marsh Guard mud guards. A fantastic mud guard that offers to keep you very mud free!

Marsh Guard- mud guard

The Marsh Guard is a very simple, yet versatile design. You can use the guard on pretty much any fork, whether it be a set of Fox 40′s or just your day to day trail forks. It takes about a minute to fit with 4 zip ties and your away.

Marsh Guard- mud guard

The Marsh Guard was designed by Jason Marsh, Greg Minnaars mechanic. The Marsh Guard was first unveiled at Fort William world cup. Jason, probably the only pereson hoping for rain got his wish. The Marsh Guard mudguard was unveiled to the World. Four months later Greg Minnaar wins the UCI World Champs, running a Marsh Guard on his Santa Cruz V10 carbon. The rest they say is history…

Marsh guard- mud guard

If you would like to get your hands on a Marsh Guard, you can get them in store at Blazing Bikes or on our online store here.

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