SantaCruz Tall Boy LTc Demo Bike- Ride the Long Mynd

Well with demo’s in full flow, why not try one of the best bikes on the market (if not the best) The SantaCruz Tallboy LTc.

SantaCruz Tallboy LTc

This bike has had some of the best reviews to date. 5 star rating and described as “the best trail bike ever”

Bike Radar loved it in their 5 star, glowing review “The fastest, most controlled and confident all-round trail bike we’ve ridden – if you can afford it”. Read the full review here.

SantaCruz Tallboy LTc demo bike

SantaCruz are setting the bench mark with the Tallboy LTc and you will be very hard pushed to ride something better.

Also in the Pink Bike, bike of 2012 editors pick. As can be seen here. If you want to demo the Tallboy LTc, give the guys in the shop a call on 01694 781515 and get it booked.

Ride the Long Mynd…

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