Will’s new bike build! Dream bike???

Here’s a quick look at shop manager Will Chambers new bike for 2013.

Intense Carbine 275

Will’s thoughts behind the build:

“With all the resources at hand down here at Blazing Bikes/ MTB Shropshire, I thought I would show case a high end build.

Firstly with all the hype around new wheels sizes I thought why not try it out. So starting off with the Intense Carbine, I added the option of the dropout kit to allow it to run 650B. Partner that with a set of Fox Float 34 27.5 forks and you have a very good base to start with. Next choice was a strong wheel set to allow me to ride and race all year without too much hassle. Along came the Stan’s Flow EX 650B rims on Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs. ┬áNext big choice was the drive! Hmmm… I initially thought Shimano XTR, but with the Sram XX1 out in full swing I thought I would give it a try. Stoppers? Formula brakes are so good I had to go with the new 25th anniversary T1′s. Then to finish the build went with a mix of Easton bits, Reverb post and the must have Chris King headset.

All in all the finished product is a slick do it all bike, incorporating all the latest kit but still bomb proof enough to ride anywhere in any conditions”.

Well looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. If you fancy your own custom build give MTB Shropshire a call on 01694 781515. It doesn’t have to be a fancy high end build, the world is your oyster.

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