Guided Ride- Banshee Rune V2/ Orange 5/ SanatCruz Tallboy LTc

Well what an amazing day for a guided ride. Spring was in full swing with some double figure temperatures on the Long Mynd. Cracking 50km loop taking in all the Long Mynd has to offer.

Guide ride on the Long Mynd with demo bikes

The lads demo’d a SantaCruz Tallboy LTc, an Orange 5 Pro and we had the Banshee Rune V2 out in full swing as well.

Spring was definitely in full swing, we had lambs at our feet. One little fella in particular wouldn’t leave us alone!! We were heading up Batch Valley and this lamb took a liking to my One Industries shorts (very fetching I must say). He followed us to the top of the Batch, where at that point we had to get a passer by to hold him while we sprinted off!

Lamb on the Long Mynd

But on a serious note, please watch out for lambs. It’s lambing season!! All in all a cracking day with some top lads and some cracking demo bikes.

Ride the Long Mynd…

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