Five Ten Freerider VXi- In stock- Best prices- Online- In store

We now now have stock of the long awaited Five Ten Freerider VXi shoes. If you would like to purchase some you can do so in store or online at We have all colours and all sizes in stock.

Five Ten Freerider VXi- Charcoal

Five Ten Freerider VXi- Pumice

Five Ten Freerider VXi- Red

Stealth Rubber Info
What makes Stealth rubber so unique and the friction extremely exceptional? It’s the perfect combination of plasticity and elasticity!
This combination allows the Stealth outsole to absorb the pins of a pedal and all other microscopic structures and creates thereby an
optimum friction. Due to the elasticity the rubber forms back and ensures a long-lasting absorption of microscopic bumps.

Check out the ultra gripy stealth rubber sole!

Available in U.K sizes 7-11 including all half sizes.

“The smooth section allows the rider more maneuverability without the tread catching on the pedals pins. When the rider weights and pushes hard on the pedal, the sticky and soft rubber of the shoe makes their interface adhere with each other, to give power and control. The combination allows you to pull, push and adjust as needed during usage, increasing the versatility of the shoe”.

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