Banshee Demo bikes- Spitfire- Rune- Prime

Here at MTB Shropshire/ Blazing Bikes we currently have a Banshee Rune V2 demo bike, but with such high demand for the demo we will also be getting a Banshee Spitfire demo bike .

Banshee Rune V2 demo bike

Both the Banshee Rune V2 and the Spitfire are very similar. They look pretty much identical, both use the KS link suspension platform and can be used in 26″ and 650B guise. The Rune is 160mm travel and the Spitfire is 140mm.

Banshee Spitfire demo bike- coming soon

Having both the Banshee Rune and Spitfire in the demo fleet will allow you to see which Banshee trail bike best suits your needs as a rider.

If you need any further Banshee Bikes information give us a call on 01694 781515. We are the U.K premier Banshee stockist and demo centre.

Banshee Bikes premier U.K stockist and demo centre

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