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Coming soon to Blazing Bikes/ MTB Shropshire Evil Uprising trail bike. 150mm of full carbon trail weaponry.

Evil Uprising

To start with we have a medium (17″) and a medium/large (18.5″) Evil Uprising frames. Full pricing and more pics soon, frames come with Fox CTD Kashima shock.

Over the past year, photos of the new Evil Uprising trail bike have surfaced on the internet under pro riders and a few very lucky e-riders. The 6″ travel carbon trail bike hasn’t been officially released but several were wandering around Sea Otter. Luckily, we managed to catch up with Kevin Walsh, the owner of Evil, and talk for a few minutes about the new bike.

While the various pros and sponsored riders were running a variety of different setups, the one pictured above closely resembles what a stock high end build might look like when completes become available. A frame only option will also be available and you can expect final builds to be light with the company aiming for a sub 6 lb production frame (w/o shock).

Evil Uprising

A flip chip in the rear will allow the the head tube angle to be adjusted between 66.5 to 67.2 degrees when mated with a 150mm fork.

The frame utilizes Dave Weagle’s patented Delta System. It’s essentially a single pivot system with a unique trick. You can adjust the flip chips for a slacker or steeper geometry without having to readjust your suspension. Remarkably, adjusting the flip-chips does not affect the leverage rate of the frame.

Evil Uprising


According to Geometry specs released last year when the first prototypes were announced, with a 150mm fork (520mm AC):

-HA 67.62
-BB 13.48/342.5mm
-WB 44.0/1120.0 mm
-CS 430mm/16.9?
-SA 72.8
-BB 13.00/330.0mm
-WB 44.25/1124.09mm
-CS 433.97mm/17.08?
-SA 71.76

For more info on the Evil Uprising or to place your pre-order please call 01694 781515.

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