Santa Cruz Bronson- First ride- demo

First Ride: Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon – 650B Ripper

Check out a cracking first ride article from the boys at Pink bike about the all new Santa Cruz Bronson.

First Ride: Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon - 650B Ripper

“Every berm, every twist and turn through this forest, can be executed at speeds that exceed a normal rider’s imagination – and the locals use this to their advantage – tempting us with each new section of trail and then crushing us once again. This is the dark soul of Bronson”.

First Ride: Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon - 650B Ripper

“Glowing as this text has been about Santa Cruz’s first 650B design, riding the Bronson on its home trails for a day cannot provide the range of experiences required for a conclusive bike review. What we can say for sure is that we like the Bronson – it’s a ripper. Comparisons can be made between its lookalike cousins – the 26-inch Blur LTc and the 29er Tallboy LTc – but with all due respect, the Bronson is a cut above both in a number of ways. The Bronson has much more high-speed stability than both of its predecessors, and it feels better balanced than the Blur in the corners. While the Tallboy and the Bronson share a similar flow when negotiating rough trails, the Tallboy likes to cruise effortlessly down the trail at about the same cadence, while the Bronson is a charger with a more energetic feel, and it pushes its rider to carve more creative lines and search for features to boost that may escape riders mounted on lesser machinery. It will be interesting to see how well the Bronson lives up to its purpose on the World Enduro Circuit. While you are watching, look for the complete test later this year”. – RC

Check out the full article here.

We will have our Santa Cruz Bronson C demo bike within a week! Call 01694 781515 to book your dream demo.

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