Banshee Legend MKII- Tested- Demo

Banshee Legend MKII – Tested

Check out a review of the Banshee Legend MKII downhill bike from the guys at Pink Bike here.

Banshee Legend MKII

Although carbon fiber seems to be the latest wonder material of choice for many downhill racers, aluminum hasn’t gone by the way side. Need proof? Take a look at the results from the last two World Cup races – aluminum bikes are still making their way into the top positions. Reduced frame weight is one of the reasons carbon fiber’s popularity is increasing on the race circuit, but while our complete Legend weighed in at 39 pounds, it wouldn’t be hard to shave a couple pounds off with a different build kit, putting it at a very competitive fighting weight. The Legend is a bike that can take a beating and keep on going strong, making it a good choice for riders who plan on spending all summer charging around at bike parks and on race courses. Riders with a bat-out-of-hell riding style and an eye towards durability may find that the Legend MKII is right up their alley- Mike Kazimer
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