Ibis Ripley- Pink Bike- Review- Demo

Check out a cracking review of the Ibis Ripley for Pink Bike here.

Ibis Ripley review

If the Ripley was to place its own add in the personals section it would likely read something like this: ”Fun loving bike seeking like-minded partner. Willing to work hard if that’s what is called for, but has to know when to loosen up and let it all hang out. Doesn’t mind it rough, but needs to be treated right.” Ibis, with the help of Dave Weagle and his dw-link suspension, has managed to create one of the more useable 120mm travel bikes that we’ve ever spent time on. What we mean is that the Ripley is happy to be ridden as a very adept trail bike, especially when fitted with a 140mm fork, but it also feels more than efficient enough to do double duty as a bike that its owner could take to a weekend cross-country race without feeling like he or she is being held back at all. In other words, a great package for how a lot of us like to ride.- Mike Levy
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