Santa Cruz Tallboy 2

Check out the all new Santa Cruz Tallboy 2:

The Tallboy was introduced into the Santa Cruz lineup in 2009 as a 29” wheeled trail bike with 100mm of travel. The basics remain the same, but the Tallboy 2 has seen a number of refinements to improve what was already Santa Cruz’s top selling bike. One change that will be especially appealing to shorter statured riders is that the Tallboy 2 is available in a size small. The addition of this size was made possible by the lower shock line position that occurred when Santa Cruz reworked the suspension to improve the bike’s pedaling characteristics and tweak the suspension’s ramp up. The geometry remains the same, but this suspension reconfigurations allowed for the reduction of the rear shock’s end of stroke ramp up, giving the rear suspension a more linear feel. The Tallboy 2′s front derailleur positioning has been improved as well, with the addition of a direct mount front derailleur option.

“The geometry of 29ers has greatly improved since the big wheels started gaining popularity, and the Tallboy 2 is a prime example of what well-thought out geometry numbers can do. Quick and playful, the Tallboy is like an eager puppy, straining to leap ahead and see what’s around the next corner. Even when diving blindly into steep, rock filled trails, trails where we would usually want a bike with more travel and meatier tires, the Tallboy didn’t flinch, rolling down the steeps and powering through corners without backing down. The overall light weight certainly played a roll in this nimble feeling, but the geometry deserves credit as well, creating a quick and lively bike, one that encouraged us to get airborne whenever we could, doubling up little grassy knolls and popping over the rock water bars that punctuate the trails around Ballater. Although riding uphill is certainly not as fun as going down, no matter the bike, the Tallboy makes ascending as tolerable as possible, with the puppy-like tenacity emerging on the uphills as well, making quick work of the climbs we tackled with it. The Tallboy 2 would make an excellent long-range weapon, a bike that could be deployed to happily devour mile after mile of singletrack anywhere in the world”. - Mike Kazimer

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