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We are now offering Radlabor laser bike fits. The system allows for a quick and very accurate bike fit. The system also recommends the best bike to suit your needs.

Radlabor bike fit- Accurate within 1mm, quick and easy.

“Accurate to the millimetre” software takes just moments to assess the bike and rider’s dimensions, matching the two with a green light system

Why Radlabor?

Radlabor are a spin-off from the Sports Science Faculty at the University of Freiburg Germany. Radlabor has a long history of scientific research into the field of cycling biomechanics and still carries out tests for Germany’s elite cyclists. It turn they have developed this high-end bike fitting system for body and bike measurement and laser-guided bike adjustment to provide you with a fast process for a precise fit.

The Radlabor system is accurate within 1mm, the system works on a sliding jig, which measures you up with a click of a button while the laser hovers over key areas.

It works on a green light system, where once you are measured up, your dimensions will be matched with a database of off the shelf bikes, or failing that, a data sheet can be created for a custom build. What’s more, the software will hold your details for any future reference.

Radlabor bike fit- Accurate within 1mm, quick and easy.

Why Bike Fit U.K?

Bike Fit U.K is ideally located in the heart of the Shropshire hills. What better than getting fitted to your dream bike and then going to ride it straight from the shop door.

We have been riding all sorts of bikes for many years and have been dubious towards other bike fit methods, some due to extreme cost and then others are based on peoples view on how you should ride your bike.

This is why we choose to use Radlabor, a scientific approach to bike fit that doesn’t cost the earth.

Bike Fit U.K- Based in the heart of the Shropshire hills

Bike fit for everyone:

  • Bike and parts finder- 15 mins- £39
  • Basic bike fit- 45 mins- £59
  • Medium bike fit- 60 mins- £89
  • Pro bike fit- 90 mins- £115

Demo + medium bike fit:

With this you can choose the demo bike which you think best suits your needs from our extensive range of bikes, we then fit you to the correct size demo. This way you get to demo the bike you are after and also get the piece of mind that you will purchase the correct size.

Once purchased we then take all the information of the Radlabor system to re-fit you to your new ride.

  • Bike fit + demo £99

Basic bike fit will be included with any brand new bike you purchase FREE of charge.

If you want any further info or to book bike fit please call the shop on 01694 781515.

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