Scott Addict- Road bike- 2014- SL- Team issue- 10-20

The all new 2014 Scott Addict road bikes are looking great and not too far away. They have reworked it from the ground up and produced one of the most jaw dropping visually and technically bikes on the market.

The flag ship SL (super light) model boasts the lightest frame and fork combo on the market! We had a quick feel at the 2014 launch show and it was unbelievable.

It also features Scott’s new HMX SL carbon fibre- HMX-SL utilizes Nano-technology, which incorporates a Carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy resin as well as T1000G Carbon Fiber. The Carbon nanotubes offer an improved strength perpendicular and at off-axis to fiber direction, which allows for a better inter-laminar shear strength. The cohesion between the fibers is improved compared to our industry leading HMX Carbon blend offering an unprecedented resistance. T1000G is the world’s highest tensile strength fiber. This fiber is traditionally used for aerospace or defense applications. Strategic use of this new material results in a frame that is lightweight without compromise in power transfer.

Scott Addict 2014 range

We’ve never stopped being fascinated with weight here at SCOTT. The Addict is a reflection of that. Drawing inspiration from the tube shapes of the FOIL while shaving weight and maintaining stiffness, let our obsession fuel your passion. Scott.

If you would like to buy, try or just ask a question about anything in the 2014 Scott range please give us a call on 01694 781515 or drop us an email.

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