Scott Genius LT 27.5- SCOTT Genius LT 700 Tuned- Tested- PinkBike

Check out the review from Pinkbike on the new Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned here.

Scott Genius LT 700 tuned- Pinkbike

Genius LT 27.5 Details
• Intended use: all-mountain
• Revised suspension platform with dual-travel FOX Nude shock
• 170mm travel front/rear, rear reduces to 135mm in ‘Traction Control’ mode
• 66.3° head angle (in open setting)
• SRAM X01 drivetrain
• 27.5″ wheels
• Weight: 28.2lb (actual)
• RRP £5799

If a you are looking for a do-it-all trail bike and are coming from a cross-country background, the Genius LT is a solid big travel option. Its balanced feel, long wheelbase and remote actuated suspension adjustment make it a winner for riders looking to ride a long travel machine and still keep up with their buddies who may be on lighter, shorter travel bikes. And although there are options with similar travel that can descend quicker and with a more confident feel, the Genius LT makes up any lost ground when the terrain starts to include rapid elevation changes that allow its clever Nude shock to work to its potential. - Jordan Carr

Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned getting some air time

If you would like further info on the Scott Genius LT or any other bike in the Scott line-up give us a call on 01694 781515.

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