Banshee Rune 2014- Banshee Spitfire 2014- Special Edition- Fluro Orange- Coming Soon- Banshee Stockist

Coming very soon to the U.K’s number Banshee dealer and demo centre, Banshee Spitfire and Rune in special edition “Fluro Orange”.

Fluro Orange- as pictured on this Banshee Darkside prototype

Their will be a very short run of these Fluro Orange Banshee Spitfire and Rune frames coming into the U.K (in fact only 1 drop). They arrive with us here in December.

We have 2 x M and 2 x L Spitfires and 2 x M and 2 x L Runes coming into stock, all of which will have the Cane Creek DB air cs shock on.

Price £1699 (10% discount if you pre-order)

Call the shop on 01694 781515 to place your order.

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