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Check out this glowing review from PinkBike of the Intense Carbine 29. Here at Blazing Bikes love the Carbine 29, we have a well spec’d demo that is always out and about.

Intense Carbine 29

Intense Carbine 29

As the saying goes, ‘a quiet bike is a fast bike,’ and this is where the Carbine delivers…There’s no chain slap, no front derailleur noise, nothing except the howl of the wind as the speeds increase.

The Carbine would be well suited for a rider that wants a longer travel 29er but doesn’t want to lose the handling characteristics of a trail bike. It has that extra bit of travel that can be the difference between surviving a botched line or ending up having an off-the-bike experience, but without conveying the feeling that it’s too much bike for riding less rowdy terrain. We would highly recommend springing for the Cane Creek DBAir upgrade, especially for riders who place more of a priority on the downhill portion of their ride. The swap to the DBAir allowed us to unlock the bike’s true potential and achieve the ride feel we were looking for on the descents. In the end, although it may not push the envelope as far as geometry numbers go, the Carbine 29 is still quite versatile, a bike that’s capable of just about any type of riding imaginable, everything from leisurely trail rides to rocketing down steep and loose downhills. - Mike Kazimer

Read the full review here.

If you would like to demo, purchase or just for general info on the Intense Carbine 29 please call 01694 781515.

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