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New Intense Bike- New Intense Frame- Intense Cycles- Coming Soon- In stock- Demo

Things are looking bright for the iconic brand Intense Cycles. Intense has been around for many years making quality hand build frames in the USA and have also been putting out some classy carbon frames with the help of SEED engineering (German carbon engineers), this way you get the best of both worlds American design and flare from Jeff Steber and the German engineering expertise of SEED.

There has been a bit of a shake up in Intense Cycles with a new CEO Andrew Herrick and new CFO Eelco Niermeijer. This is all part of the plan to transorm Intense Cycles in to an industry power house and along side the launch of a new bike arriving in March. There has been a lot of speculation in to what the new bike will be, but we can be pretty sure it will be carbon and more than likely a new “enduro” machine. The growing market of enduro riding and racing is great for the sport and is creating a surge of realy exciting bikes. Intense will play and have always played a large part in creating show stopping rides.

Heres a few words from new Intense CFO Eelco Niermeijer:

“I have spent some time looking at the Intense business and the bicycle market and I am thrilled to be joining the team”, Niermeijer said. “This company just finished a year in which revenues grew more than 40% and this type of success is giving Intense the freedom to execute an exciting strategy and invest in its future. Andrew’s ability to join the company is a direct result of our recent growth, and the strategic opportunities available to us. We will immediately begin building our finished goods inventory to make sure dealers and distributors can get bikes at very short notice from Intense and we will have a historic high level of inventory of our new bike which will be released in a couple of months from now. These are major initiatives for me personally in my role at Intense.”

So what are your guesses for the new frame? One thing you can be sure of is that here at MTB-Shropshire we will be the 1st to get stock frames and have a top end demo bike built.

Looking into anything Intense related, feel free to give us a call on 01694 781515. We offer competitive pricing and second to none customer service.

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