Intense Tracer T275- Reviews- First Ride- Demo- Carbon

Well that was a great launch for the all new Intense Cycles Tracer T275. Heres a quick round up of what all the magazine thought of it.

Vital MTB:

Don’t let the smooth lines and gorgeous finish fool you. This bike is meant to be ridden hard and fast, and it’ll keep up over any type of terrain. The purpose built do-it-all rig represents the culmination of Intense’s many years of experience, merging impeccable in-house craftsmanship and a leap into the world of high-end carbon. It’s the next evolution of an already successful ride that brings it up to the highest level of standards. From a spec sheet that mimics our dream builds to the incredibly well-balanced VPP suspension and impressive carbon construction, they’ve nailed all the major details and the minor ones, too. Well done, Intense Cycles. The Tracer T275 Carbon is a winner.

Pink Bike:

The release of the Tracer 275 Carbon came with the announcement that Intense had restructured its business model to become a comprehensive, global bike brand – one that is dedicated to maintaining its roots as a bike maker owned by and devoted to top riders. The outstanding performance and beautiful lines of the Tracer 275 C sets the stage for a bright new chapter in the storied history of Intense. The Tracer 275 C is one of the most capable and well rounded all-mountain trailbikes we have had the pleasure to review. The only disappointment it has handed us is that we will eventually have to send it home- RC


The Intense Tracer 275C is an impressive bike, utilizing carbon fiber front and rear triangles, which provide exceptional damping and stiffness. The design, geometry and VPP suspension creates a bike that loves to fly down the trail and through the air, making for a fun bike at speed. Toss it down through the chunder and it just effortlessly glides through stuff like it’s hardly there, creating a confidence inspiring experience. This bike would be a great candidate for an Enduro racer or riding the Whole Enchilada Trail; anywhere that speed and chunkiness abound. I found that during slow speeds technical maneuvers, it can be a bit of a handful, and it sometimes would choke or collapse into its rear suspension on slow speed upwards maneuvers, especially stair-steps and ledges.

The Tracer 275C feels like it has after burners on when it’s launched, and its the happiest at high speed through technical descents. The frame retails for Frame £2799, make sure to upgrade to the superb Cane Creek DBair CS, it’s well worth the incremental cost.

Enduro Mag:

It left me in a bit of a conundrum, as a racer of English Enduros, where pedaling and smooth, trail-centre type tracks are of the norm, I would tend to favour the Carbine 29 over the Tracer 650 for most tracks, but that is only as a racer wanting the podium. If I didn’t race and just did the type of other riding I do or Euro fast gnarly tracks, off-piste stuff and more up-lifts, then the Tracer wins hands down, its definitely the most fun, best looking and best handling 650 bike I’ve ever ridden, it installs so much more confidence on rougher tracks. Ideally with a lottery win a rider would have the two, but if you can afford one of these top luxury rigs, then the choice out of the two is down to what riding you’re into, but still a tough decision.

As you can see the Intense Tracer T275 is right up there when it comes to a top end rig. Want to get your hands on one? Whether it be to buy or to demo give us a call on 01694 781515.

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