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Check out this prototype 27.5″ Ibis Cycles prototype, spotted at La Thuile EWS! Could it be a new HDR? Well honestly we don’t know, one thing we do know is that it looks amazing.

Both Anne Caroline Chausson and Manu Ducci were both rocking out on this new machine and were looking super fast!

Ibis Cycles prototype
Ibis Cycles prototype

The swingarm is completely different to the HDR and share more characteristics with the Ripley. The upper linkage is forward of the seat tube centerline, without the yoke shock driver.

The bikes travel is said to be at 150mm, featuring internal cable routing, stealth dropper routing and last but not least the cables have finally been moved off the top tube!

Ibis Cycles prototype
Ibis Cycles prototype

The shorter-looking rockers of its dw-Link suspension are tucked behind the seat tube, which appears to have been moved forward, ahead of the bottom bracket to gain clearance for the rear wheel. The shock is driven by a yoke arrangement, similar to the configuration used on Specialized, Pivot, and Lapierre’s enduro-specific bikes.

By all accounts the bike is looking very much like its nearing completion, the riders looked confident and ACC was leading day 1 of the EWS!!

Here at Blazing Bikes/ MTB Shropshire we love Ibis and always enjoy doing a cool custom build, so you can expect to see a demo bike here very shortly.

If you would like further info on the “new” Ibis feel free to give us a call on 01694 781515.

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