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Cycle Scheme- Bike 2 Work- Police- NHS- Fire Service- Army- RAF- U.K- Provider

Here at Blazing Bikes we provide Bike 2 Work and Cycle Scheme with added incentives for the Police, NHS, Fire Service, Army, RAF and any other government organisations.

On top of the already fantastic savings you will receive by getting a bike through Bike 2 Work or Cycle Scheme, we also offer 10% of the value of the bike in FREE kit. So if you were to use the maximum £1000 allowance to buy a bike we will give you £100 of FREE kit to go with it.

This way you get the best bike you can through the scheme and also have enough allowance to get your self some kit to get going. We are the only supplier in the U.K to offer this deal.

For further information on this offer or for a quote on a bike feel free to call us on 01694 781515 or use our contact page here.

See The Video Here for Cyclescheme

Take a look at written description of how the process works here

Bike 2 Work SchemeCycle Scheme

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