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We have finally got round to building our 2015 Banshee Spitfire demo bike! If you would like to book a demo please call 01694 781515 or click the link below.

2015 Banshee Spitfire medium, X1 1 x11 build kit, Pikes and Reverb stealth. We built the Spitfire to make it the most versatile trail bike out there! Using a dual position air fork it will allow you to attack the climbs, hammer the downs and everything inbetween. The KS Link suspension platform is fantastic for pedaling and unbelievable when you open the gas on a downhill.

Book your demo here.

2015 Banshee Spitfire2015 Banshee Spitfire demo bike

All of our demo bikes go out fully serviced, clean as a whistle and fully protected by invisiFRAME, all you have to worry about is having as much fun as possible. The demo includes a set up on the bike and a trail map with some trail advice. This will make sure you get the best experience from riding the bike of your choice.

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