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Intense Tracer T275C DVO Limited Edition- Limited Edition Tracer 275C DVO- DVO- Intense Cycles- Demo- U.K- Stockist- Dealer

Check out the new Intense Tracer T275C DVO Limited Edition. Only 250 of these being made, expect a medium and large in store in the next month or so. To pre-order please call 01694 781515.
Intense Cycles is proud to share a special project that we have been working on with DVO Suspension, the Limited Edition Tracer 275C DVO. It will be shown live April 16 through April 19 at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, cycling’s North American season opener. This special limited edition bike will be available at Intense dealerships by the last week of April.
Intense Tracer T275C DVO Limited Edition
Intense Tracer T275C DVO Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Tracer 275C DVO allows Intense Cycles to offer Interbike’s 2014 Bike of the Year, the Tracer 275C, in a special ride package featuring DVO’s race-tuned suspension. With a special design customized to highlight the new DVO Trail suspension system – a Diamond Fork with 160mm of travel and the Jade coil rear shock – this bike gives riders a completely different feel than the standard specified air shock.

Riders experience a more supple ride, increased traction and superior big hit performance because with the Jade coil rear shock, the first 50mm of travel – or “sag” – is much more active than air. The rear coil shock also allows for a more active suspension that keeps the rear tire in contact with the ground to increase traction. And when compared with an air shock, a coil shock provides a more linear feel though the travel. Big hits feel controlled as the bike cycles through its travel, especially when bottomed out. The unique DVO system allows the rider to dial in the suspension feel while on the go for that perfect race tune tailored to each ride.

Like our 951 EVO DVO bike we shared with you last fall, the Tracer DVO is not just a simple spec change but a bike designed around this special suspension system. We used the SRAM XO/X1 drivetrain combination with green highlights on the cranksets and derailleurs, Stan’s Flow wheels with matching green color hits, a stunning black and green Tracer carbon frame using high-gloss green paint to match the DVO components. We chose a Renthal cockpit, Maxxis High Roller II tires, Rock Shox Reverb adjustable post and Shimano XT brakes.

This bike is another example of Intense’s commitment to making high-performance bikes with a stunning finish. Intense will build 250 of these bikes and no more.

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