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Evil Insurgent LB “Little Better’er”- New Evil Insurgent

Evil Bike are at it again with The Evil Insurgent LB “Little Better’er”

The hard charging, berm destroying, 27.5″ wheeled unicorn has been reborn. Complete with boost rear axle spacing, improved ride feel, fresh colors and water bottle mounts. The Insurgent LB will have you slashing corners, hitting jump lines, and shredding single-track with an uncontrollable cackling and roost-a-flying feeling of fun that’ll make life just a little bit better’er.

The Two Wheeled Death Machine Lives

Fresh from the science lab the updated Insurgent LB has broken out of its test tube and is back with a vengeance. The Insurgent was the 27.5″ wheeled bike we didn’t even want to make. But as it turns out, the Insurgent has proven itself to be a hell raiser, ready to separate your tires from your rims in every corner. The short snappy chainstays, low bottom bracket and long top tube make shredding just a little bit better’er. Without trying to re-invent the wheel, we added boost rear axle spacing, and two fresh new colors; Freddy Mercury and Yogurt Truck. We also managed to shave almost a half-pound off the overall frame weight while improving ride quality. You just know it’s just gunna be lighter, fastest and gnarlier than ever before. Most importantly, we added water bottle cage mounts because it turns out that people like to drink water while they ride their bikes.

The balance of fun, pop and crushing rock gardens

The original Insurgent was born in a time of turmoil, 26 was dying, 27.5 and 29 were the flavour of the day and nobody could decide which one they liked better. We tuned out the noise, busted out of the trends and made a bike that’s fun and had us slashing corners, ripping single track and hitting jump lines. It didn’t disappoint us then, and now it’s just a little bit better’er.

The Insurgent LB is ready to suit your shredding needs. If your favorite past-time is racking up king-of-the-mountain accents and padding your strava stats then you can choose between a RockShox Monarch Plus or the Fox DPX2 rear shock to convert all your power into momentum with mind bending traction and a dependable feeling of plushness. If you prefer sending-it-to-flat, upgrade to the Push ElevenSix, which turns the bike into a square-edge-hit, traction generating, and bottomless feeling two wheeled death machine

If you’re into pedalling all day, try a 150mm fork and set the flip chips to the LOW position and enjoy a 74.8° seat angle while the 66.1° head angle keeps the descents in control and the party level high. But if you’re into enduro bro, or even better, slashing berms at bike parks, try a 160mm or 170mm fork with the flip chips in the XLOW position and experience a slack and low slung corner destroying play bike that likes to jump and square off corners.

Insurgent LB

  • Insurgent LB moves to boost rear axle spacing
  • Water bottle bosses on sizes M-XL
  • Two new color options (Freddy Mercury and Yogurt Truck)
  • New improved/lighter carbon layout for a better ride feel with efficiencies in both stiffness and compliancy
  • Complete frame with shock is approximately a half pound lighter over previous generation
  • Three shock options RS Monarch Plus, Fox DPX2, Push ElevenSix


£2850.00 with Monarch Plus RC3

+£225.00 for Fox DPX2 upgrade

+£900.00 for Push Eleven Six upgrade

XO1 Eagle full build £7045.00 with Monarch Plus RC3

GX Eagle full build £5225.00 with Monarch Plus RC3

Available in 2 new colours:

  • Yogurt Truck
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Yogurt Truck
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Yogurt Truck
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Yogurt Truck
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Yogurt Truck
  • Freddy Mercury
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Freddy Mercury
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Freddy Mercury
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Freddy Mercury
Evil Insurgent LB "Little Better'er"- Freddy Mercury
As always we will have a demo bike in store and a selection of frames available. For more info on the new Evil Insurgent LB or for custom build options feel free to get in touch on 01694 781515
Up to 36 months 0% finance available on all Evil frames, full bikes and custom build.

Evil Bikes – Insurgent LB from Evil Bikes on Vimeo.

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