Motorcycle Trail Riding Green Lanes Around Longmynd – Powys – Clun Valley – Offas Dyke – Knighton – Kerry Ridgeway – Shropshire

About 6 Months ago a good friend of ours Bob Dixon asked what we thought of the idea of operating a Guided Motorcycle Trail Riding business In South Shropshire, immediatley I thought Damn why didnt I think of this idea as we have some great Green Lanes In and around South Shropshire Leading up into the Welsh Borders, anyway great idea Bob and a big gap in the market for this area.

As time Passed Bob would regularly give little updates about his master plan and the amazing routes he had put togeather, then he told us his first fleet of Bikes had arrived Gas Gas 250 Pamperas “What the hell were these I thought dont Gas Gas just make trials bikes?”Couldnt wait to see them.

After a little more time the words came out of Bobs mouth that I had been waiting for “Richard let me take you out for a days guiding” I couldnt wait.

We agreed that we would meet up at Bobs house in Marshbrook near our MTB centre and pub at 9 am for a full days riding taking in all the Green Lanes in and around the Longmynd and then heading out to the Welsh Borders.

It was then I saw the Gas Gas Pampera in the flesh for the first time, feeling a little bit sceptical I thought these bikes looked a little like over sized pit bikes and was concerned about the amount of miles we were going to knock up during the day.

Anyway Bob gave me my riding kit for the day a saftey breifing then fired the bikes up and we set off. To my suprise I couldnt believe how sharp and comfortable this bike felt, so the adrenalin kicked in and I was ready to hit the trails.

After 5 minutes we were Climbing the Longmynd via the Burway heading for our first Green lane, nothing to technical but a good taste of what was to come. Our next climb was back onto the Longmynd and we headed towards Poll cottage where we desended again back to the road, then we headed out towards Clunton Via country lanes with not another vehicle or person in site.

Just before we got to the Crown Pub in Clunton we took a sharp left and found the next Gem of a green lane, this was where the adventure started for me as I was heading into territory that I knew of but had never had the opportunity to explore. Bob had obviously worked hard doing his homework and he led me through trails of of all ability, some quite technical  and others just fast wet and muddy, all what I expected for a great days Trail riding. We then headed to Bucknell for a quick fuel stop and was back on the dirt again within Minutes.

Heading off through Bucknell woods we found more Green Lanes again with a mixture of technical riding and more easy going stuff, we also travelled along parts of Offas Dyke as Bob was so proud to point out.

Eventually we ended up in Newcastle on Clun heading towards the Kerry Ridgeway, amazing views along this fast fire road type terrain leading us to Bishops Castle where we stopped and had a great pub Lunch at the Three Tuns .

Fed watered and warm we were soon back on the bikes heading towards home taking in more exiting green lanes ending with a ride through a fast flowing river.

All in all a great days trail riding with Bob Dixon who is also an independant writer for motorcycle magazines including Classic bike mag. He really has put togeather a great days trail riding in Shropshire and welsh Borders with options for all ablities and I must say his choice of bike couldnt have been better, Light weight, plenty of power and relitavely comfortable.

Weather your staying with us in Marshbrook Mountain Biking or just looking for a great days Trail Riding with some of the most Breath taking countryside in the UK Bob Dixon is the man to lead the way.

Thanks for a great day and I look forward to the next adventure.

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