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Outdoor Activities

Secret Hills Guided Walking

Secret Hills Walking holidays are designed for people who want to walk in beautiful scenery at a steady pace. On most days, they cover 8/9 miles a day, with plenty of breaks. Secret Hills Walking aim to create a social atmosphere combining there own unique style of walking and talking.

Beyond Extreme Paragliding Centre

Beyond Extreme specialise in hill launch paragliding courses, taster days, corporate events, and tandem flights. Once you’re becoming comfortable in the air, they can also meet all your paragliding equipment needs, helping you choose and pass out on suitable kit to match your individual flying style.

Church Stretton Golf Club

At Church Stretton Golf Club, the game is never on temporary greens, nor are there tee mats. This makes Church Stretton a great Shropshire golf course to play in the spring, autumn or winter. In the summer the views come alive, allowing you to see as far as The Hawkstone Ridge in the north of Shropshire and as far south as Herefordshire. You can walk on springy, well-drained turf and play golf in completely natural surroundings. Possibly with the company of buzzards and red kites.